Solar Powered Aeration Kit


Our Solar Powered Aeration kit is for ponds up to 3/4 Acre under 10 feet in depth.

  • 1 each – 3.6 CFM Air Pump
  • 2 each – 50′ 3/8″ Self Sinking Air Tubing
  • 2 each – 10″ Round Diffuser
  • Dual Control Valve
  • Installation Hooks
  • Solar Panel, Weatherproof Storage Box
  • Adjustable Solar Panel Stand

Aerator Features:
Diffused aeration for ponds up to 1 acre
Max working water depth 11.5 ft.
2 – 10 in. Diffusers,
100 ft. Self Sinking Air Tubing,
Large and Quiet Linear Air Compressor (no need for sound suppression)
Install in any location, no need to dig holes.
Low profile mean better wind resistance.

Solar System Features
2 – Kyocera 140 watt Solar Panels
25 amp MPPT Charge Controller
Battery backup 250 amp hours of reserve capacity
Low Voltage Protection
Automated Control System (no need for manual reset)
12 volt to 110-volt Inverter

Cabinet and Solar Panel Mounting
Rugged cabinet built to withstand extreme weather.
Built large enough for larger battery size storage.
Self-contained unit (no need to dig hole for a pole)
Can be easily moved to alternate locations
Built of non-corrosive materials (aluminum structure with stainless steel hardware)

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Our Solar Powered Aeration Kit is built for the remote pond where access to electricity to power the air pump is too challenging or isn’t possible. Finally, a well working solution for one of the toughest aeration challenges. Keeping your remote irrigation holding pond or livestock pond healthy can be achieved.

The kit starts with our popular and long-life Peak O2 Aeration Kit #2. The solar related portion of the kit includes high quality solar panels and charging and power components. All you need to add are the batteries.


Additional solar powered configurations are available.

Contact us with questions about our Solar Powered Aeration Kit and additional builds.

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